How To Apply For Alexander Rutherford Scholarship 2023

This scholarship program was founded to praise Alexander Rutherford, who was Alberta’s first Premier and Minister of Education so students have a chance to get scholarships in Canada. Rutherford funded public education in Canada and was entangled actively in community affairs so students must get fully funded scholarships 2023 in Canada.

The scholarship identifies and awards Canadian senior high school students who have done well academically and supports them to further their studies to get a better education and study in Canada. Funded by the Government of Alberta, this Rutherford Scholarship 2023 is offered to eligible undergraduates in the province so undergraduate students must apply here to get a scholarship in Canada.

About Alexander Rutherford Scholarship 2023

Level of Study: Undergraduate
Institution: Alexander Rutherford
Study in: Canada
Program Period: Different Period
Deadline: July 1, 2023

Alexander Rutherford Scholarship Requirements 2023

  1. Must be a Canadian citizen or someone who resides in Canada permanently for the Rutherford Scholarship 2023.
  2. Must have finished high school before applying for Rutherford Scholarship 2023.
  3. Must be enrolled in a full course load in a specified post-secondary or an apprenticeship program of at most petite one semester in length for the Rutherford Scholarship 2023.
  4. Students’ official high school transcript marks must be functional at the time of application in the Rutherford Scholarship 2023.
  5. Students are expected to have a valid Canadian Social Insurance Number (SIN) for the Rutherford Scholarship 2023.
  6. GED marks are not accepted for the Rutherford Scholarship 2023.
  7. Previous winners of this scholarship are not eligible to apply again for the Alexander Rutherford Scholarship 2023.
  8. Students without numeric grades should not apply for this Rutherford Scholarship 2023.
  9. Students meet the requirements of the courses before the commencement of application for the Rutherford Scholarship 2023.
  10. Must have an Alberta Student Number (ASN) for the Rutherford Scholarship 2023.
  11. The requirements for the high school transcript marks may vary in the Rutherford Scholarship 2023.
  12. Visa students are not eligible for this Rutherford Scholarship 2023.
  13. Open studies or unclassified programs are eligible for the Alexander Rutherford Scholarship 2023.

How to apply for the Rutherford scholarship 2023 program

  1. Students are eligible before submitting their application for the scholarship in Canada.
  2. Create an account with Alberta Student Aid using your personal email address and verify your identity for the Alexander Rutherford Scholarship 2023
  3. If students already have an account, log in to their account and select the Alexander Rutherford Scholarship qualification
  4. Complete the application form with the necessary information like SIN, ASN, your high school name, etc for the Rutherford Scholarship 2023.
  5. Submit the form and Student Aid for Rutherford Scholarship 2023
  6. If students are eligible for the scholarship, a request will be sent to your post-secondary school for proof of their enrolment for the Alexander Rutherford Scholarship 2023.
  7. Students will be mailed a cheque a month after their school confirms their enrolment in the Alexander Rutherford Scholarship 2023.
  8. If a student’s institution does not confirm their enrolment within 30 days, students will be given a confirmation form to submit to their school and then get the Alexander Rutherford Scholarship 2023.

Does everyone get the Rutherford scholarship 2023?

Not everyone will get this scholarship in Canada. A lot of students will be filtered out by the scholarship board and get the fully funded scholarship 2023. Only students who are eligible will be selected and awarded the scholarship in Canada 2023. This scholarship arises annually and has not been canceled for students who are wanted to study in Canada 2023. If a student lost your cheque or has any problems with the Alexander Rutherford 2023, then call for help

Is the Alberta Rutherford Scholarship 2023 taxable?

No, the Alberta Rutherford scholarship is not taxable and students do not think about this. There is no reason for it to enter as taxable income so come and get a fully funded scholarship

Winners of the Rutherford scholarship are given a T4A slip which exempts them from tax in the  Rutherford Scholarship. So the scholarship is tax-free for the Rutherford Scholarship 2023.

Alexander Rutherford Scholarship Deadline 

  • The deadline for the Rutherford Scholarship is 31 July every year.

Alexander Rutherford Scholarship Worth 2023

  • The Worth Rutherford Scholarship is $2500


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