University of Canterbury Scholarship 2024-Study in New Zealand

University of Canterbury Scholarship 2024-Study in New Zealand, Hello everyone welcome to the National Scholarship Portal (Nspscholarships) we will give you the latest scholarships in 2024 for students to get fully funded scholarships 2024. Hopefully, you all are doing well and your studies are also going well, today our topic is How To Apply For University of Canterbury Scholarship 2024

Applications are available to apply for the University of Canterbury Scholarship 2024 for students who want to study in New Zealand. The University of Canterbury offers scholarships for all international students who want to study undergraduate and postgraduate degree programs and get fully funded scholarships in New Zealand.

The University of Canterbury offers 35 Scholarships to deserving students every year so never miss the chance to apply for this wonderful scholarship. A wide range of academic fields and courses are offered by the University of Canterbury in the year 2024. The goal of the University of Canterbury scholarship is to recognize outstanding academic achievements, support those with financial needs, and encourage diversity and inclusion within the student community and this is one of the best universities in the world regarding its studies and discipline.

The University of Canterbury (UC) was established in 1873 and has evolved into one of New Zealand’s leading universities this is the world’s best education institution so all international students must apply for this wonderful scholarship in 2024. It is located in the beautiful city of Christchurch, New Zealand, and studying at this university is very highly wonderful.

UC University is well-known for its cutting-edge research, exciting campus life, and excellent academic programs. All overseas applicants are cordially invited to apply for admission in 2024. The University of Canterbury provides students with an enriching learning experience and prepares them to become global leaders and students with better skills in studies must apply for this scholarship.

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About University of Canterbury Scholarship 2024

Level of Study: Undergraduate and Postgraduate degree
Institution: University of Canterbury 
Study in: New Zealand
Program Period: Different
Deadline: Given Below

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Eligibility Criteria for University of Canterbury Scholarship 2024

  1. International candidates from all world countries are eligible to apply for this University of Canterbury Scholarship.
  2. Students must have a good academic record are eligible for this program.
  3. Students are not eligible for this University of Canterbury Scholarship if they are already enrolled in the BE(Hons) degree program at the University of Canterbury.
  4. Students are not eligible to apply for this University of Canterbury Scholarship if they hold a residence-class visa from New Zealand.
  5. Students must take an interest in the faculty of Engineering, cultural, sporting, and community services for this program.

Benefits of the University of Canterbury Scholarship

  1. Students will get Specific amounts of up to $20,000 Per year in this university program.
  2.  Tuition fees and other costs for the scholars will be covered in this university.
  3. There are almost $20 million granted by UC to help students study in this university.

List of Available Courses

  • Accounting, Courses
  • Aerospace Engineering, Courses
  • Ancient Greek, Courses
  • Animation, Courses
  • Antarctic Studies, Courses
  • Anthropology, Courses
  • Applied Immersive Game Design, Courses
  • Art History and Theory, Courses
  • Astronomy, Courses
  • Biochemistry, Courses
  • Bioinformatics, Courses
  • Biological Sciences, Courses
  • Bioprocess Engineering, Courses
  • Biosecurity, Courses
  • Business Analytics, Courses
  • Business and Sustainability, Courses
  • Chemical and Process Engineering, Courses
  • Chemical Formulation Design, Courses
  • Chemistry, Courses
  • Chinese, Courses
  • Cinema Studies, Courses
  • Cinematic Arts, Courses
  • Civil Engineering, Courses
  • Classics, Courses
  • Communication, Courses
  • Communication Strategy and Practice, Courses
  • Communications and Network Engineering, Courses
  • Composition, Courses
  • Computer Engineering, Courses
  • Computer Science, Courses
  • Creative Industries and Contemporary Practice, Courses
  • Creative Music Technology, Courses
  • Criminal Justice, Courses
  • Cultural Heritage, Courses
  • Cultural Studies, Courses
  • Data Science, Courses
  • Design Innovation, Courses
  • Digital Humanities, Courses
  • Digital Screen, Courses
  • Early Childhood Teacher Education, Courses
  • Economics, Courses
  • Ecosystem Health and Biosecurity, Courses
  • Education, Courses
  • Electrical and Electronic Engineering, Courses
  • Engineering, Courses
  • Englis, Courses
  • English Language, Courses
  • Entrepreneurship (see Strategy and Entrepreneurship), Courses
  • Entrepreneurship and Innovation, Courses
  • Environmental Change, Courses
  • Environmental Contamination, Courses
  • Environmental Hazards and Disasters, Courses
  • Environmental Innovation, Courses
  • Environmental Policy, Governance, and Social Justice, Courses
  • European and European Union Studies, Courses
  • Film, Courses
  • Finance, Courses
  • Financial Engineering, Courses
  • Fine Arts, Courses
  • Forest Engineering, Courses
  • Forestry Science, Courses
  • French, Courses
  • Freshwater, Courses
  • Game Arts, Courses
  • Game Development, Courses
  • Geography, Courses
  • Geology, Courses
  • German, Courses
  • Global Humanitarian Engineering, Courses
  • Global Societies and Culture, Courses
  • Graphic Design, Courses
  • Health education, Courses
  • Health Innovation, Courses
  • Health Sciences, Courses
  • History, Courses
  • Human Resource Management, Courses
  • Human Services, Courses
  • Indigenous Knowledge and Sustainable Partnerships, Courses
  • Industrial Product Design, Courses
  • Information System, Courses
  • Innovation, Courses
  • International Affairs, Courses
  • International Business, Courses
  • Japanese, Courses
  • Journalism, Courses
  • Language, Brain, and Behaviour, Courses
  • Latin, Courses
  • Law, Courses
  • Linguistics, Courses
  • Management, Courses
  • Māori and Indigenous Health, Courses
  • Māori and Indigenous Studies, Courses
  • Māori Innovation, Courses
  • Marketing, Courses
  • Mātauranga Māori, Courses
  • Mathematics, Courses
  • Mechatronics Engineering, Courses
  • Media and Communication, Courses
  • Medicinal Chemistry, Courses
  • Music, Courses
  • Music Studies, Courses
  • Nutrition (see Strength and Conditioning with Nutrition), Courses
  • Operations and Supply Chain Management, Courses
  • Pacific Studies, Courses
  • Painting, Courses
  • Performance, Courses
  • Performance Analysis, Courses
  • Philosophy, Courses
  • Philosophy, Politics, and Economics, Courses
  • Photograph, Courses
  • Physical Activity, Courses
  • Physical Education, Courses
  • Physics, Courses
  • Political Science and International Relations, Courses
  • Policy Innovation, Courses
  • Population Health Data Science, Courses
  • Power Engineering, Courses
  • Primary Teacher Education, Courses
  • Product Design, Courses
  • Professional and Community Engagement, Courses
  • Psychology, Courses
  • Public health, Courses
  • Russian, Courses
  • Science, Māori, and Indigenous Knowledge, Courses
  • Screen Sound, Courses
  • Screenwriting, Courses
  • Sculpture, Courses
  • Social Action, Community, and Global Development, Courses
  • Social and Environmental Sustainability, Courses
  • Social Innovation, Courses
  • Social Work, Courses
  • Society and Polic, Courses
  • Society, Diversity, and Change, Courses
  • Sociology, Courses
  • Software Engineering, Courses
  • Soil Science, Courses
  • Spanish, Courses
  • Spatial Data Science, Courses
  • Speech and Language Pathology, Courses
  • Sport Coaching, Courses
  • Sport Science, Courses
  • Sports Leadership and Management, Courses
  • Statistics, Courses
  • Strategy and Entrepreneurship, Courses
  • Strength and Conditioning (see Strength and Conditioning with Nutrition), Courses
  • Strength and Conditioning with Nutrition, Courses
  • Structural Engineering, Courses
  • Sustainable Business, Enterprise, and Economics, Courses
  • Sustainable Coasts, Courses
  • Tauwhitinga Māori: Māori Communication Strategy and Practice, Courses
  • Taxation (see Taxation and Accounting), Courses
  • Taxation and Accounting, Courses
  • Teacher Education, Courses
  • Te Reo Māori, Courses
  • Tourism Marketing and Management, Courses
  • Water and Environmental Systems Engineering, Courses
  • Water Science and Management, Courses
  • Writing, Courses
  • Water and Environmental Systems Engineering, Courses
  • Water Science and Management, Courses
  • Writing, Courses

 UC Undergraduate Scholarships Programs

  • Chrystabel L Aitken Fund for Fine Arts, Programs
  • Elaine P Snowden Scholarship, Programs
  • Elman & Alfred Poole Southland Boys and Southland Girls High School College of Engineering Scholarship, Programs
  • Fitzroy Engineering UC Engineering Scholarship, Programs
  • Go Waitaha Canterbury Scholarship, Programs
  • Helen Macmillan Brown Bursary (School-Leaver), Programs
  • HMNZS Canterbury Scholarship, Programs
  • John Waller Memorial Scholarship, Programs
  • Leigh and Judith Pownall Scholarship, Programs
  • Lissie Rathbone Scholarship, Programs
  • Lyttelton Port Company Directors’ UC Scholarship, Programs
  • Riccarton Rotary Youth Trust Scholarship, Programs
  • Rotary Club of Belfast–Kaiapoi Disability Scholarship, Programs
  • Rotary Club of Christchurch Blackgrove Scholarship, Programs
  • UC Auaha Scholarship, Programs
  • UC Business and Law Enterprise Scholarship, Programs
  • UC College of Business and Law First Year Award for Excellence, Programs
  • UC College of Education Health and Human Development Maori Scholarship, Programs
  • UC College of Education Health and Human Development Pasifika Scholarship, Programs
  • UC College of Engineering International Scholarship (NZ School-Leaver), Programs
  • UC Computer Science High Achievers Award, Programs
  • UC Electric Power Engineering Centre Scholarship (School-Leaver), Programs
  • UC Engineering High Achievers Award, Programs
  • UC Engineering Māori Scholarship, Programs
  • UC Engineering Pasifika Scholarship, Programs
  • UC Engineering Top Scholars Award, Programs
  • UC Haupatu Scholarship, Programs
  • UC Hiranga Scholarship, Programs
  • UC Horomata Scholarship, Programs
  • UC International First Year Scholarship (NZ School-Leaver), Programs
  • UC Kaitoko Maori Scholarship, Programs
  • UC Kaitoko Pasifika Scholarship, Programs
  • UC Māpura Bright Start Scholarship, Programs
  • UC Mathematics and Statistics High Achievers Award, Programs
  • UC Product Design Scholarship, Programs
  • UC School of Forestry High Achievers Award, Programs
  • UC Alumni Scholarship (School-Leaver), Programs
  • The Wairarapa Takahē UC Engineering Scholarship, Programs

Postgraduate Programs 

There are multiple Master’s and PhD Programs are open and some are open soon for the students who want to study in New Zealand.

Application Deadline

The deadline for the University of Canterbury Scholarship is given below
  1. For Undergraduate: 31 March.
  2. For Master’s: 15 May and 15 October.

More information

Scholarships Office
Phone  +64 3 369 4900

Level 2, Matariki

How to Apply for University of Canterbury Scholarship

The application process is online for the scholarship in 2024. Students must 15 days before the deadline for this program. To apply for the University of Canterbury Scholarship and know more details, students must visit the official website below.

Official website 


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