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How To Apply for Robertson Scholarship 2023

Robertson scholarship is a program organized to help students who have shown a glimpse of passion for being future leaders right from their time in the college/university and beyond so come and join this as soon as possible. The scholarship was championed and launched by Julian and Josie in New York in 2000 and this is the old university in the USA.

In the 2 semesters of the second academic year 2023, the Robertson scholarship 2023 from Duke University will be enrolled in the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill for the students and get the fully funded scholarship 2023. Robertson scholars from the University of North Carolina will be enrolled in Duke University Annually, there are special offers for two gifted Australian undergraduate students who get the fully funded scholarship 2023.

The Robertson scholarship 2023 is more than a leadership development program and get the scholarship in USA. It is a program that is dynamic about investing in the future of young scholars for a long time and getting scholarships all over the world and achieving fully funded scholarships.

About Robertson Scholarship 2023

Level of Study: Graduate, Masters, PhD
Institution: Robertson
Study in: USA
Program Period: 4-year program
Deadline: 15 November 2023

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Scholarship Award and Duration

The Robertson Scholarship 2022-23 is estimated above $66,000 per year for the students. This will cover your full tuition fee for the students. It will sort out the room and board fees too of the students and give fully funded scholarships.

There is an extra living package given to the Robertson scholarship at the University of North Carolina for eligible candidates. Also, research costs have been taken care of, and the same thing to travel costs for the students of the Robertson Scholarship 2023. The Robertson Scholarship will also furnish about three summers of service and give fully funded scholarships.

You are expected to do the following:

  1. You are expected to obtain the scholarship application form through the Robertson Scholars leadership program and fill it out for the students in the Robertson Scholarship 2023.
  2. You are expected to obtain the student’s form available online at the common application website for the students in the Robertson Scholarship 2023. Then submit at the same time you submit your scholarship form for the Robertson Scholarship 2023.
  3. You are expected to take part in the standardized test at this university. You must complete an SAT or two SAT subject tests or ACT with writing once you are shortlisted and give the awards to the students.
  4. If you need the SAT registration and date information, check the SAT college board website and get complete details. You can find the ACT registration process and date on their website too so must apply here.

How to Apply for Robertson scholarship 2023

Students aspiring to win the Robertson scholarship are to apply through the Robertson scholarships website to get the complete detail and read it carefully.

online application form

  1. A valid copy of your birth certificate with proof that you are an Australian citizen or permanent resident for the Robertson Scholarships 2023.
  2. A good record of all your academic qualifications and results till the present date for the Robertson Scholarships 2023.
  3. One academic reference for the Robertson Scholarships 2023.
  4. One personal reference for the Robertson Scholarships 2023

Application Deadline 

The application opens yearly on the 15th of August and will close on the 15th of November for the Robertson Scholarships 2023. The Robertson Scholars Leadership Program welcomes applications from international students to get fully funded scholarships.

Selection Criteria for Robertson Scholarship 2023

The Robertson scholarship program is rooting for candidates who have shown a significant trait for the students in the Robertson Scholarships 2023, in their immediate environment, and in society at large presently and in the foreseeable future for the students to get the fully funded scholarships in USA.

  1. Steadfast management trait
  2. Cognitive curiosity
  3. Outstanding personality and character
  4. Team spirit.


If you are among the shortlisted students, you will be requested for a physical interview in Sydney at Approx and get the scholarship. You should take the interview thoughtfully, as nobody who the committee has not solicited will receive any scholarship award for the students

As a part of the interview preparation plan, the traveling plan will be discussed with your parents/guardians in the Robertson Scholarship 2023. During the interview in Sydney, you are to accept a scholarship if it is offered to you from a US university.

Career Options After Robertson Scholarship Program

What you venture into after the scholarship program is solely your decision at this university for students. While some graduates pursue other career paths for the students, some decide to continue their academic journey by attending graduate and professional schools in the Robertson Scholarship 2023. The options are countless for all graduates the students.

Scholarship expectations after selection

As a Robertson scholar, you must participate in inter-campus coursework, retreats, community service, campus switch, and at least two summer development projects for the Robertson Scholarship 2023. You are expected to be on a 3.0 GPA at the end of your first year, and you are expected to keep the same GPA at the end of each following year for the students so come and apply to get a fully funded scholarship 2023.

Program Summary

At the start of the fall semester, you and other new scholars will obey a leadership conference scheduled by advisers from the National Outdoor Leadership School (NOLS) in Bryson City for the students, North Carolina for the students in the Robertson Scholarship 2023. This direction program is organized to welcome and show you around and tell the best things about this university.

FAQs Queries

 1- Duke university acceptance rate in 2023?

7.7% duke university acceptance rate for the students

2-Standardized tests required for Robertson to apply here?

No longer accepts standardized test scores of any kind in this scholarship.

3-Do I have to apply Early Decision/Early Action or Regular Decision in order to be considered for the Robertson scholarship 2023?

You may apply for an Early Decision or Regular Decision to Duke, or Early Action or Regular Decision to UNC-Chapel Hill for the students in the Robertson.

4-Do I have to apply to both Duke and UNC-Chapel Hill to be considered for the Robertson Program 2023?

Applicants can apply for one or both of the schools to be considered for the Robertson Scholars Leadership Program for the students.

5-Do North Carolina residents receive special consideration for the Robertson Program?

NO, All students are equal in their state or country of residence for the scholarship.


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