How To Write Application Letter for Scholarship Request

Sample application letter for scholarship Request in school, college, and university programs complete detail is available. Sample letter to request the scholarship from the college, and university by the students, and for new admissions available for the students.

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Application Letter for Scholarship Grant for Students

The Vice-Chancellor,
University of MONASH, Australia.

Dear Sir,

Application for Scholarship

I am certainly pleased to learn that Monash University has opened scholarship programs for foreign students and I also wanted to get a scholarship in Australia. It was my long-lasting ambition to get an education from a leading university in the world and Australia is one of the best cities which give a Fully funded scholarship in 2024.  I did not have enough resources to get admission to any university outside my country and fulfill my study expenses. Having seen the prospectus for this year, I have come to know about the newly tossed scholarship program from the university, and I wish to apply for the same and get a fully funded scholarship in Australia.

My academic record and other requisite documents are attached herewith and I am a good student.


Application Letter for Scholarship In College

The Principal,
LGS College,

Subject: Application for Scholarship

Dear Sir,

Respectfully I appeal to state that I am studying in your school in Class 9, and soon after the final examination, I will move over to Class 10 the next year. It is additionally added that my father has died due to heart disease, and I am supporting myself with my studies as well as the expenses of my whole family and you know it is difficult to manage. I have had excellent results throughout my educational career since class 1, as can be seen from my prior progress reports which are quite brilliant.

I request you please grant me a Scholarship so that I can support my studies as well as my family, on the basis of my whole educational background in your school. I shall be very thankful to you for this act of empathy.

Yours Obediently,


Application Letter for Scholarship Request

The Principal,
City High School

Dear Sir,

I am a student with a High School Diploma in this school and a very intelligent student. I have had a good educational record from the start of my studies, and I have always managed to acquire excellent grades in my studies. I am also an active participant in extra-curricular activities, and I play in the cricket, and football teams of the school so that is why I am writing an Application Letter for Scholarship Request. I want to become a doctor provide free healthcare to the deprived class of this society and get a fully funded scholarship 2024, and I am committed to working extremely hard to achieve my goal and make my family proud.

Fulfillment of my studies is vital in this regard is very necessary. But, unfortunately, I cannot afford the study expense because I am poor, my father lost his job and no money is available for my study expense. We do not have a source of income, and cannot pay the school fees so I am writing the Application Letter for Scholarship Request.

Under these occurrences, I request you kindly waive my school fee and grant me a scholarship from the school fund to cover my education-related expenses so as to get the scholarship in USA or other countries. I shall be very grateful to you.

Yours obediently,


Application Letter for Scholarship Request

Oxford University, United Kingdom

Dear Sir,

I graduated from the University of Engineering And Technology, Delhi in June, XXXX with grade marks. I have cleared all semesters with flying Colors with a good CGPA. Adding to this, I got two gold Medals and stood first in the final result of the course and got a strong result. I have made an outstanding performance in the thesis and have taken awards.

Obtaining admission to Oxford University is one of my dreams in life as is getting scholarships in USA. This dream was just a step away from becoming a reality in my life when I got admission to Oxford University. My name has already been mentioned in the list of selected candidates and I am very happy. The problem that is constraining the way to get admission to this varsity is the lack of money for getting admission and getting scholarships in USA. My lust for studies, spirit for getting higher education, and passion for fulfilling my dream enable me to write for a scholarship to continue my studies so that’s why I am writing an Application Letter for Scholarship Request.

Above All, I am a hard worker, and loyal in my field. Thus, I am looking for your kind support and approval of the scholarship from your end and get admission to Oxford University. I would be able to pave the way for getting higher education in my life and get a fully funded scholarship 2024. My certifications are attached to this letter and get a free scholarship abroad.

Yours sincerely,


Application Letter for Scholarship Request

Dear Sir,

I hope you are doing great in health and doing well. I am a student in the 9th class, my subject is physics, Mathematics, chemistry, and biology for this grade. My roll number is XXXX and I am studying at your school. I am writing this to you so that I can ask for a scholarship because I got 95% in the 8th standard which is quite the best performance, and according to the rule of the school 95% marks which is quite brilliant, every student will get  80% of the scholarship that’s why I had written Application Letter for Scholarship Request.

So please add my scholarship in my Challan form so that my fee is reduced and get the free scholarship, from fifty thousand to fifteen thousand only which is quite easy for me.

It would be great news if you send me a confirmation letter after approval for a free scholarship.




Roll number: xxx

How do I write a letter of application for a scholarship?

How to write a scholarship application letter for study

  1. Review the organization’s requirements for scholarship
  2. Include your contact information to apply
  3. Introduce yourself and why you’re applying for a scholarship
  4. Discuss your major accomplishments for scholarship
  5. List your unique skills or qualities for more information
  6. Express your interest in your education or career for study
  7. Conclude and thank the reader

How to Write a Scholarship Request Letter?

  1.  Be brief and to the point for request
  2.  Your introduction must be to the point for the request
  3.  Talk about why you deserve a Scholarship write in complete detail
  4.  Be specific about your Ask for scholarship

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